Lazy Days Campground

About Us

Lazy days campground Inc. Lazy Days Campground was started in 1963 by my father Joseph C. Waters. Joseph purchased the property that the campground on, in 1962 for a little more than $76,000.00.

We opened the campground with only 25 tent sites in 1963. While we were building the campground, we also farmed the property. This year we will have been in business for 60 years. Our family is very proud of this because not many small family businesses survive that long.

Our campground is located on Green Lake, a very nice and clean lake in West Bend, WI. We have approximately 1900 feet of lake frontage. We have a very nice sandy beach, and two piers for boats and for people to fish off of.

We have gone through a tremendous amount of changes in the years that we have been in business. The campground has always been very popular with all that have been in our park. Over the years we have added many more sites, and many more amenities. We have gone from 25 tent sites to 314 sites. Most of our sites have electric, and water hookups. We also have sites with electric, water, and sewer hookups.

We have gone from having a small store that only sold soda, milk, and bread, to a full convenience store. We have changed our 110x35 foot barn into a complete recreation center with the store, and arcade/game room. We have showers, and flush toilets in our main shower building. We also have a laundromat, and a small hall that is used for camper’s parties, and more free activities for all of the campers.

Over the last 11 years we have been improving things but not at the speed I would have liked. This is because of the golf course we had built. We put between $600,000.00 and $700,000.00 from the campground into the golf course. We have kept up with all the important things in the campground but have not been able to go the extra mile to make our campground great. That has changed now that we have sold the golf course.

I started working at the age of nine and have put my whole life into this campground. My sons and I would love to see Lazy Days around for another 50 years.

We are working hard every season to continuously improve the campground.

Eric Waters, President of Lazy Days Campground Inc.