Seasonal Area

Camping Agreements will be taken by appointments only. Appointments can be scheduled for Sunday through Thursday from 9am - 5pm. Appointments will start on Sunday, September 12th.

The deadline for Camping Agreements is October 9th.

October 10th, all sites without Camping Agreements attached to them will be listed as available, or offered to the next person on the waiting list for that site.

If you have not turned in your Camping Agreement by Oct. 9th, and the site you are on for the 2022 season gets reserved by someone else, you will have to move to an available site if one is available for the 2023 season, or get on the waiting list.

Required documents needed at the time of your appointment are:

1) Rabies certificate for each pet (3 pets max) - if applicable.

2) Copy of Trailer Insurance declaration page - Not the card.

3) Copy of Golf Cart Insurance declaration page - Not the card - if applicable.

4) Copy of Boat Registration - if applicable.

5) Deposit of $400.00 minimum.

***Camping Agreements will not be accepted without these items.***

2023 Camping Agreements will not be given (or received), if you have a balance on your current site, or tab. Payments can be made in the office, or over the phone. If you are not sure if you have a balance, please call and ask.

Below is a link to view our 2022 season ccamping agreement. This is not the current camping agreement for the 2023 season and will not be accepted. Please call or come in to the office to pick up your 2023 camping agreement. The link is meant for reference only.


Click the image if you would like to view it on your device

Additional Rules for Seasonal sites

20) Sites, and trailers are expected to be kept in a clean and presentable condition. This includes the exterior of you trailer. Trailer exteriors must be cleaned at the end of each season, and maintained throughout the season.

21) Decks- sections must be placed next to each other, be no larger than 4’x8’, no more than one foot off the ground, not exceed trailer length, and must be removable. No permanent structures.

22) No railings are allowed on the platforms (see management for the exception to this rule)

23) No fencing is allowed on your site.

24) Lights across awnings only. You may not have lights all over the site and lights must be turned off after retiring for the night or when you are gone for an extended period of time. (ask management for exceptions)

25) Cutting the grass of the seasonal sites is not included with the seasonal site fee. Office has numbers of mowers.

26) Sheds and Deck Boxes – Only one shed, is allowed with a size limit of 4’ W x 6’ D x 7’ H. (No wood, or metal sheds), and two deck boxes 41” W x 21” D x 24” H (Maximum size). Existing wood sheds will be allowed, but cannot be replaced with another wood shed.

27) Only one face cord may be stored on your site and must be stacked in a neat pile. The use of skids for firewood is ok; however, they must be broken down. No burning of full skids is permitted. Max dimensions of face cord– H-6’ x L-8’ x D-18”

28) Sale of your trailer – In the event that you sell your trailer, your site will not be included in the sale. Trailers older than the year 2000 will have to leave the park when sold.

29) Non-Transference – Your seasonal site will not be passed onto anyone in the event of death or if you leave before the season ends, unless you have a non-resident third party on the contract.

30) Tarping your roof- If your roof leaks please let us know. You may cover it with a tarp for no more than 10 business days. Tarps are a temporary fix, not a permanent solution. Tarps for winter storage must be removed by May 1st.

31) No Electric Heaters.

This page is still under construction. Please check back frequently for updates